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More Cool Cat Says About Being Sunwise!

Going out in the SUN is great. It can make you feel good, look good, and helps your skin to make vitamin D.

But too much sun can DAMAGE your skin and even give you sunstroke.

So NEVER let yourself BURN! Just 5 minutes in strong sunlight can burn people with sensitive skins.

It's not only on holidays abroad that you can burn in the sun. You don't even have to be sun-bathing. Just being outdoors in the spring or summer sun can burn you.

Fair-skinned people are most at risk, but dark-skinned people can burn too.

People with ginger hair, pale skin, blue or green eyes, or with lots of moles and freckles, should be really careful. Children should be EXTRA careful. And babies under 6 months should NEVER be exposed to full sunlight.

It's not the HEAT of the sun that causes skin to go red or tan. It's an invisible part of the light called ULTRAVIOLET light (UV). You can't see UV light, and you can't feel it. But it can very VERY dangerous.

You could be burning even when you don't feel hot - maybe because there's a breeze or thin cloud to cool you. Or because water or sand REFLECTS light onto your skin. At high altitudes (on mountains or skiing, for example), you can burn EVEN IN WINTER if sunlight is reflecting off snow.